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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Polar Bears Are Everywhere!

Do you see that?!! We have polar bears all around us!

Uh-, sorry, totally engrossed in anything polar bears right now...shifting gears ...

Kaitlyn loves animals. What 3 year old doesn't, right? Our school usually has a lesson on some type of animal everyday. This week is no different as we go to the Arctic and learn everything we can about polar bears.

This is our polar bear habitat we made. I got the idea from a GREAT website called Play At Home Mom. She has such great ideas that are super easy. And they're a lot of fun. I used cotton balls as our snow instead of fake snow b/c 1. I didn't have fake snow on hand and 2. we are learning about creation and today was day 2. God created the sky on day two. We made clouds with cotton balls. So, since I had those on hand I let Kait rip them apart and decorate her polar bear habitat with the "snow". She loves it. She's been playing with this for 30 min. uninterruped. She did add an elephant and a cow. I didn't have the heart to tell her that you'd NEVER see them in the Arctic. ;-) She's loving it and learning, so why mess with that?

She has camoflauged the polar bear.

And of course, you have to eat some ice and snow like a polar bear would!

I wonder how long she'll play with this?

This is discovery learning at its best! Tomorrow's lesson on polar bears....swimming like a polar bear! Er, well, our 100+ temps may not be exactly what you'd feel in the Arctic, but acting like a polar bear is cool so who cares! ;-)

Until next time,

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