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Thursday, August 29, 2013

Do you know there is a war coming???

I didn’t watch the MTV Music Video Awards this year. I believe the last time I watched an awards show on MTV I was in high school, possibly even before that. I’ve never cared about watching an award show. I’m not getting an award. My kids aren’t getting an award. No one I love is getting one so, eh, I’ll watch something that interests me. We all have our likes and dislikes. However, I didn’t have to watch the show to hear about the amazing dancing I missed out on. I didn’t have to watch the show to hear how classy Miley Cyrus was. I didn’t have to watch to know about the stunning vocals of Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus. How their performance left everyone with chills, a tear in the eye and utterly speechless b/c of the beautiful art they created. I was sorry I missed such a beautiful performance. I should have set up my DVR and you know I’m kicking myself for it.

Oh wait.
Wrong performance.

For the last week I’ve heard nothing but how distasteful, horrible, gross, slutty, pathetic she acted. I've heard how she is an embarrassment to herself & her family. I've heard she is an alcoholic and on drugs. I’ve heard that she is out of control. How she is no role model for young girls. (No! What? You're kidding me?) I’ve heard about the reactions from the audience. I haven't heard anything, if nothing at all about the married man, Robin Thicke, which she used to practice her “twerking” on. And ya know what; all I have to say is….

PEOPLE, ARE YOU SERIOUS!!!???? WHAT DID YOU EXPECT!? And do you even know we are on the verge of World War THREE!!!! Come on. This is MTV. This is Hollywood. This is pop culture. This is no shocker. Why do we act shocked that a half-naked girl was parading herself on stage with her tongue hanging out while thrusting her butt against a married man on TV? Why are we surprised that she used a foam finger as a sexual innuendo instead of using it for rooting for her favorite college football team? Why, people, why? Why is anyone watching MTV? Why are you letting your kids watch MTV?  Why do you allow yourself to be entertained with this garbage?


It should not be a shocker of what this world has come to. It should not be a shocker of what MTV has become. If you watched the performance, you saw the norm. What boggles my mind is why anyone cares and why anyone is judging. Why are we judging her for acting in a normal way that is Hollywood? THAT is what PAYS in Hollywood. That is NOTHING new in Hollywood. Is it wrong? Oh, of course. Is it sad? Absolutely. But we should not be watching the show in the first place. We shouldn’t act surprised and disgusted and then judge her and gossip about what a terrible person she has become. No one knows the real Miley. No one knows what she is going through. No one knows the pain and hurt she faces every day. She is paid to act like a moron. She is making MILLIONS to display herself in a way that gets attention! Do I want my daughter to act like her? Without a doubt- NO! But guess what, my daughter doesn’t even know who Miley is. She has no idea about Hannah Montana. She doesn’t even watch the Disney Channel. I’m not gonna show her what twerking is. And I can assure you, that if she finds out, and even thinks about doing it I will be the parent and put a stop to it. And that’s another thing…I’ve heard people say Miley is how she is b/c she didn’t have a good parent. Really? How do you know? How do you know if her mom didn’t teach her to act like a lady? How do you know if her mom and dad didn’t tell her about God? How do you know the way she was raised? I promise you that Adam and I do everything we can to guide, teach and show our children how to act. We teach them morals. We teach them character. We do what we can and pray that God blesses them and us with wisdom and clarity. Guess what, they act like hellions sometimes!!! My kids act like a FOOL at times. They can be rude, hateful, distasteful, and downright “un-Christian”. They have made some REALLY bad choices. They have disappointed me. They have made me so mad and have made me doubt that I am a fit mother. That is what being a parent does to you. It can leave you feeling hopeless and make you want to pull your hair out. But there is NO ONE who will love them more than me. Well, except God. He loves them more than I can ever comprehend. My kids are being taught everything I can teach them about life, God, love, morals and character but I’d be a fool if I thought they won’t ever go against those teachings. I’d be naïve to think that once they leave they’ll never do anything that Adam and I disapprove of. It doesn’t work that way. You can do everything possible to teach and train your child and they will eventually get the chance to make their own decisions. We have to release our kids to God’s care. We have to pray. Every. Single. Day. We have to trust God for their lives. I take God at his word. His word says that if I train up my children in the way they should go, when they are old they will not depart from it. Notice it doesn’t say when they are young…but old. Miley is so young. You think she’ll regret this performance when she is old. Maybe? Maybe not. I cannot judge Miley for her actions. Do you know how many stupid, ignorant things I’ve done in my life? Thank God I’m not on a stage with the world viewing me. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t endorse ANYTHING about her, but I sure am not going to act shocked when she does something ridiculous. I sure the heck won’t say her parents didn’t teach her to be a lady. And I am not going to let my daughter watch her on TV.

Adam and I got pregnant with our first child at 16. My mom did everything she could to teach me about God. You think the news of my pregnancy shocked her? You better believe it did. Do you think she thought she failed? I’m sure she did. I was judged about getting pregnant at such a young age. I was told that Adam had ruined my life. I don’t understand that. I was there. Pretty sure he wasn’t alone that night. I’m sure people thought I was a slut. I’m sure people gossiped. I’m sure people thought my parents didn’t “raise me right”. Who cares what they thought. My God knows.  Robin Thicke is married yet let Miley rub all over him and we say nothing about him. We praise him for being a stud. Do you see how twisted this is? You know what a stud is? My husband. He didn’t blink an eye when his 16 year old girlfriend told him she was pregnant. He is loyal. He is Godly. He guides and leads his family. He provides an excellent lifestyle. We celebrate 19 years in October and he loves me more today and SHOWS me that love every day. You’ll never see that in the media. You’ll just hear about how cool Robin is for having a 20 year old half-naked girl throw herself at him but what a disgrace she is.

All I am saying is stop watching the filth. Stop judging what the normal behavior of what Hollywood is. They aren’t doing anything new and shocking. Be parents and teach your children. Don’t let them watch the filth either. Introduce them to people who inspire, love and give. Introduce them to real art and real music. Teach them self-respect. Teach them to love their siblings even when they hate them. Teach them your hobbies. Sign them up to play a team sport. Get them outside of themselves and their room. Introduce them to Jesus. Tell them about His stories and miracles. Release them to God so he can mold them into the people He created them to be. Don’t think you failed when they get on the stage of life and act a fool. Don’t think that all the good work you have done in them is lost when they disappoint you. Give it to God and let Him show you how to be the parent He created you to be. Take God at His word. I know it’s hard. I know it can be nearly impossible but God gives us a promise that when we keep our eyes focused on Him he can move mountains on our behalf. And please, don’t judge when you see other kids acting like they have no sense. They don’t! They’re kids! Instead of judging you could use your talents to help teach them. You could help them by lending a hand when they need it. You can help by not judging. You can help by praying for them. Prayer changes lives.

Can we move on from this now? After all, there is a war brooding. Our children are facing a very dim future in America. We are in debt we'll never get out of. Our children could possibly see the most gruesome war in history come to life. In America, we are slowly losing rights. We are turning into a Godless nation. We have poverty. We have some of the most dangerous cities. We are killing each other over petty disagreements. Yet, we are talking about a girl who is "disgusting" and "a hooch". We are talking about how much twerking she does and how far her tongue hangs out of her mouth. THAT is sad. Our nation is slowly failing its young people and instead of standing together in unity to teach them we are tearing them down even further.

I’m not a perfect parent but God is. I am leaning on Him to help me be the parent my kids need. I’m not watching what Miley does. No one should be. We should be so focused on God, our spouses and children that we don’t have time to see the next celebrity strut her butt on stage.

John 8:7 “… he stood up and said to them, “Let him who is without sin among you be the first to throw a stone at her.”

Stop throwing the stones. Wake up and learn about the important things going on around you.

Until next time,

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