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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Perfectly Round Burgers

I love tips and tricks. Don't you? Why would you not love something that makes your life easier and more simple?? Right? I knew you'd agree.

I learned a new tip yesterday that will transform homemade future burgers in this house. Yes. It is THAT life changing!

My friend at Dear Lauren, Love Mom blogged about an amazing Frto Pie Burger her husband makes. She gave this tip in the post. I'm almost certian that I am going to use this trick when I make that burger. Try two awesome things out at once! Why not, man!?

So, the trick?

Take a lid. Any size lid. Small one for sliders. A bigger one for a bigger burger.

Put a piece of saran wrap on top of the underside of the lid.

Press your ground meat into the lid.

Take the burger out by lifting the saran wrap.

Viola! Perfectly round burgers! Don't believe me or need to actually see it? Go here: Perfectly Round Burgers!

I want a burger!

Until nect time,

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